2016-10-12 Locarno, Switzerland – Midway Press Ldt., a leading Dallas-based publication printing company automates color control with the latest inline technology on a recently installed Web press. The press is equipped with


Instrument Flight is a process-oriented Color Management System that boosts process mastery, makes printing to defined standards more efficient and transparent, safeguards the link to prepress, and ensures a high degree of cost savings. At the core of the Instrument Flight application is the innovative software for color control and regulation – including Gray Balance/Tonality – reflecting years of printing process knowledge. Instrument Flight technology is the world’s first press control system to pass the new Idealliance G7® certification at the beginning of 2016.

John Kocurek (General Manager, Midway Press Ltd.) comments: “Our goal is not only to get the G7® process calibration certification as a one-time event, but also to offer our customers quality products according to the GraCol G7® standard in production every day. Inline measurement and color control including Gray Balance and Tonality is crucial to reaching this goal.”

John Kocurek continues: “The initial training of Instrument Flight did not only include software operation, process diagnostics and training at the press. The System Brunner consultant also checked our prepress workflow with proof output, plate exposure, and actual printing conditions with a test run. After modifications in some press settings and applying new RIP profile, we immediately achieved with Instrument Flight an optimal color match with the GraCol Grade 3 Proof output, without human interaction. This is a big improvement, which has been noticed by our customers as well.”

Already in October 2016, Midway Press will ugrade their second Heatset press to exactly to same level: The 10-year-old QuadTech inline Color Control System with Instrument Flight software will be replaced by the new QuadTech SpectralCam system, and upgraded to the latest Instrument Flight application.


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