Globalstandard® Plus Server

Fully AI-supported Color Management Server in a Web-Hotfolder Fashion

Fully automated and AI-supported Print Data Preparation for Images and PDF Files

Have you ever wondered how you can massively save energy and speed up print production, minimize make-ready, and impress your customers with beautifully well-color-balanced prints without the hassle of constant press calibration and manual job editing? Then you’ll probably find this interesting.

Globalstandard® Plus Server

Economic and versatile

Massive Reduction in Energy Consumption

Super short setup times and minimal makeready to maximize production efficiency. Smart print data preparation can help to reduce UV curing energy by up to 35%.

Up to 40% Reduction in Ink Consumption

Image-dependent ink-amount reduction from average 20% to maximum 40% without the disadvantages of classic ink-saving.

Faster Postprocessing

Intelligent ink reduction leads to minimized drying times and reduced consumables like print powder. This speeds up production throughput at a reduced risk of failure in postprocessing.

Applicable to all Market Segments

One system for all. Packaging, folding box, commercial, and label printing. Offset, digital, flexo are supported.


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Fully Web-Based Operation

Servers located in our own facilities. Operatable from around the globe.

Designed as Workflow Plugin

Standalone or fully integrated in your premedia workflow. Or both at the same time.

AI Color Conversion

Exceeds the limitations of traditional color management. Takes actual printing parameters into account.

Accurate Spot Color Control

Best-in-class brand-color reproduction. Get spot colors and spot color-to-CMYK conversions under full control with job-related CIElab (L*a*b*) definitions.

Print Production Benefits

Color Consistent Print Runs

The AI-supported re-mapping of separation values provides unprecedented stability and consistency in print production. The need of repeating press calibrations and long color matching drastically decreases.

Build for Mass Production PDF-2-PDF and Image-2-Image Processing

Process PDF-X4 and image files to instantly print-ready data. GS+Server has the power to process a massive number of files unattended in short time.

Applicable to all 4C-capable Printing Systems

Wherever 4C is part of the job, GS+Server will improve quality and efficiency. Applicable to all markets segments from commercial to packaging to label. Analog and digital.

Coated-Like Visual Gamut on uncoated Substrates

Best in-class utilization of available CMYK color space. Photo-realistic printing even on uncoated stock. AI-supported metamerism reduction ensures best possible color rendition under various lighting conditions.

Highly Customizable

From individual settings to tailored image processing, GS+Server can be adjusted to fit your needs and expectations.

Softproof Option

See your expected output before you print. Use a good monitor at your press to reduce the need of hardcopy proofs.

Pre-Render Option

Benefit from the full power of our AI-CMM unleashed by pre-rendered PDF pages. What you see is what you get. No surprises in print production.

GS+ runs on our own Servers

Safely housed on our own server infrastructure. No 3rd-party cloud providers involved.

Professional Print Color Management. Beautifully. Automated.

Intelligent Color Linking for CMYK-2-CMYK

Smart CMYK-2-CMYK translation to maintain production-relevant separation values. Automatic stabilization of sensitive color values.

Enhanced Dynamic for RGB to CMYK Translation

AI-supported gamut-mapping from RGB data to CMYK color gamut. Outstanding dynamic and vividness in prints.

Precise Spot Color Simulation Control

Full control over spot color simulation in CIELab without the need of expensive 3rd-party licenses.

MonsterCMYK, our 7C-EXG alternative in 4C

Even better spot color simulation and vibrant, colorful printing in expanded CMYK using controlled higher ink densities. Covering up to 88% of common spot colors.

Easy to integrate, easy to use


Flexible Integration

Globalstandard Plus can be integrated in existing workflows in multiple ways.


Usable via Webbrowser

A URL, username and password is all you need to use GS+Server. No installation on your device required.


Auto-sync Production Data

Automatic file synchronization via client or WebDAV, build into your operating system. For integrated workflow operation.

Super simple to use

Build to be used with ease. No expert knowledge is required to operate GS+Server.

About Globalstandard® Plus Server

GS+Server is a web-based application designed to optimize PDF and image files for printing, incorporating advanced AI technology to set a new standard in print quality. By producing exceptional color separations for both 4C and spot-color simulations, GS+Server significantly enhances prints’ vividness and visual appearance, aiming for unparalleled detail and color fidelity.

A welcome feature of GS+Server is its ability to minimize the metamerism effect, ensuring that the final printed product closely aligns with the artist’s original intention under various lighting conditions. This guarantees the visual integrity of prints, making them appear consistent across different environments.

GS+Server is optimized to enhance the printability of digital files by intelligently adjusting data within PDFs and images. This includes reducing ink consumption, ensuring process stability, and promoting energy efficiency—advancements that position the GS+ Server as a vital tool for achieving accurate brand color reproduction and producing high-quality, balanced images and graphics, particularly in high-volume industrial printing scenarios.

As part of System Brunner’s Workflow Plugin Series, the GS+Server ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of international printing standards, including ISO 12647-2, GRACoL, and Japan Print. The data’s compatibility complies with various printing requirements worldwide, making it an indispensable resource for print service providers, agencies, and media creators seeking to leverage technological advancements for more sustainable and efficient printing practices.

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Let’s find out how GS+Server will improve your Print Production.