Commited to Sustainability

System Brunner’s Contribution minimize Production Impact

System Brunner’s Contribution to an Effective and sustainable Print Production

Low Carbon Production needs serious measures to become reality. In order to reduce CO² emissions, the industry needs tools that allow it to do so. In a profitale and measurable way.
Well, we got you covered!

System Brunner’s technologies always helped to reduce waste, chemicals, and the total amount of energy used to produce print products to the necessary minimum. The more straightforward the production goes, the more predictable machines and workflows are, the less energy is needed, the less the global environment is impacted. These benefits for the nature are also direct benefits for the print service provider employing our technologies. Reduction of waste and energy means direct savings and freed production resources. Instrument Flight® among EQUALIZER™ are our answers to the sustainability needs in modern print production. More print jobs can be produced using the same amount of energy and consumables compared to production workflows without System Brunner’s tools. EQUALIZER™ helps to easily trim the color characteristics of any press to be close to the expected, right from start. Instrument Flight® will adjust printed colors right from the beginning of a print job and maintain visual color steadiness throughout production.

Both technologies help to address print service providers’ needs in terms of material shortness, performance, quality, and environmentally friendlyness.