Developing for the Future of Print and Color

We are a Technology Company

Developing for the Future of Print and Color

System Brunner is doing base research in the field of human color perception, printing, and image reproduction as well as computer software.

Our company has an over 40-year-long history in business and still has the ambitions and drive that enable us to provide the best and most advanced solutions in class.

We are active in the utmost front of the print and packaging industry to learn about the current and future needs of our customers and their customers. We design and create solutions that enable our customers and OEM partners to deliver printing machines and peripheral tech to ensure high performance in print, color, and quality alongside environmental friendliness.

The printing industry is under constant change and so are we. At System Brunner, we forge together the latest in color science and modern computer technology. We are passionate about print and love to create solutions that prove print and packaging to be of high value in the age of new media.

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Instrument Flight®

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