Solutions to extend lifetime, enhance Quality, and Performance of existing Presses

Retrofitting – Regain Productivity and Benefits

Retrofitting means adding newer technology to existing systems and therefore optimizing certain parameters that will help to make an older press perform at a competitive level. Particularly in times of unstable economy, fluctuating order intake, retrofitting can help print service providers with elder machines to regain and maintain performance in terms of productivity, quality, and benefits. Retrofittings usually do not change the core capabilities of a press but can help to drastically improve the ambient conditions under which the press operates. A well-planned retrofit can help to regain production performance to a long-term competitive level. System Brunner and its partners offer retrofit options that fit budget and expectations. 

System Brunner Retrofit Options

System Brunner Instrument Flight® Standalone

System Brunner Instrument Flight® Standalone allows Press Operators to apply direct and correct color adjustments to the running job. To match color targets and consistency in the most efficient way the human interface can provide.

Baldwin CCS with Instrument Flight®

Spectral, closed-loop measurement technology, fully integrated and automated. Computer-Vision aided color control to match any desired color standard and maintain visual compliance during the print run. Available for a wide selection of printing machines.

System Brunner EQUALIZER™

Probably the world’s easiest to use but most advanced tool to maintain gray balanced and visually consistent prints across multiple printing systems including offset, flexo, and digital. Match any desired printing standard and maintain color consistency across the whole production line.