Instrument Flight® Standalone

Press-Independent Color-Assurance

Instrument Flight® Standalone

Add the Power of Instrument Flight® to ANY Press and even outside the Pressroom

NEW: Color-critical print service providers can now benefit from the renowned Instrument Flight technology even outside the pressroom to verify print quality standards and fine tune process parameters like calibrations and ink sets to ensure top printing qualities. The easy-to-use Instrument Flight Standalone simplifies all tasks from print preparation to print verification and process optimization.

What is Instrument Flight® Standalone and how does it work?

  • Instrument Flight® Standalone (IFS) is an Open-Loop Printing Support Tool
  • No direct connection to the press and therefore flexible in use
  • It processes color readings from scanning or handheld spectrophotometers and presents clear color control instructions to the operator
  • Instrument Flight® Standalone is System Brunner’s full Implementation of AI-supported color perception technology
  • can be used on modern as well as to elder presses
  • IF acts as an autopilot for color adjustments and works from makeready throughout the print run.
  • Makeready can be drastically reduced and no color variations in the print run will happen. Depending on the type of work and level of standardization, waste/makeready reduction up to 70% is possible.

Main Features

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) supported color adjustments
  • Standards/Presets for regular or customer-specific color targets
  • Color control Priority-Modes: GrayBalance (G7®), ISO/PSO, SolidBalance, GrayStabilization
  • Extremely simple to operate (less total operation efforts for operators)
  • Closed-Loop or Monitor/Instruction-Mode
  • Comprehensive Job-Reporting
  • Color-centric-approach (Instrument Flight® adjusts for color, not solid densities)
  • Precise gray balance fine-tuning via CIELab controls
  • Consistent color management from design-to-press via internal use of ICC-profiles
  • Available as 4C-process and 4C+EXG variant.
Manual but AI-supported Color Adjustments

The power of Instrument Flight® is now available to any printing press.
Based on customer feedback, System Brunner developed an independent offline variant of its renowned Inline-IF.
Instrument Flight® Standalone enables now every printer to take advantage of modern, AI-supported color adjustments to keep prints in color targets and maintain quality throughout the production.
Readings of the samples will be done outside the press and correction recommendations will be applied manually. This is the perfect solution to benefit from Instrument Flight technology even if your press manufacturer does not or cannot offer Instrument Flight as integrated solution.

A fully-fledged Solution without Compromises

Instrument Flight® Standalone is System Brunner’s full version of the product with all the latest features and technologies.

Equal Results, Operator Independent

Take the guesswork out of the production. IFS compares readings with intended printing standards or targets and issues precise recommendations on how to adjust the colors on the press. IFS helps you to maintain perfect printing results independent of who or when the job is printed.

Brand/Spot Color Support

Ensure your customer’s brand consistency with IFS’s precise spot color evaluation and control.

Easy to use

IFS is easy and intuitive to use.

Reporting Included

Prove quality to your customers with the automatically created job reports of IFS.

Flexible Application

IFS can be used on Offset, Flexo, and Digital Presses and Proofers to monitor and improve color output.

Solid Ink Density Control is not enough

Process variations caused by influencing parameters like press-speed, temperature, stock condition, humidity, plate abrasion, blanket saturation, etc. make cour colors shift all over the place. Variations up to Delta-E 6 within the print-job are very likely. No calibration can fix this. Only an intelligent real-time observing+ controlling system like Instrument Flight® can help you stay spot  on your colors.

Easy Job Setup in less than 10 Seconds

Touch-based user interface. Tab to confirm or adjust job-setup and you are ready to go.

All recommended Density Adjustments at a Glance

The recommendation view shows necessary changes to be carried out in order to match the best possible printing result.

Process Analysis and Graybalance in one View

The Hexagon-View gives a full overview of the current state of color in terms of overall printing quality, standard compliance, visual quality, and graybalance. The Hexagon-View not only tells you what the result is. It also shows what the reason for eventual deviations are.

Real-Time G7® Compliance Check

Printing test forms to know where you’re at is expensive and doesn’t reflect your actual production. The System Brunner G7®-View tells you in real-time how well your current printing result matches G7® requirements. For each and every job.

On-The-Fly Reporting

Can you actually match this particular color with the given printing condition? What can be optimized? Prepress and color experts love it. Deep parameter analysis including gamut representation, printing-standard compliance, graybalance, colorscience, and TVI at a glance.

Color Adjustment and Fine-Tuning can't be easier

System Brunner’s BalanceNavigator® is the state-of-the-art tool enabling press operators to match proofs, printing samples, or just any desired color balance super easy and intuitively. Modify colors visually or precisely by CIE-Lab deltas. No complicated translation between amounts of process color to match intentions. Just point the slider to where you want the color to go.

Job Reporting 4.0

Job reports with added value. Instrument Flight® creates PDF job reports automatically at the end of every job* that will give your customers a clear picture of the compliance of the whole production to customers’ requirements. System Brunners’ job reports show how well the production went in terms of visual consistency and technical terms.

*new as of IF4.0

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