System Brunner Hypersphere®

RGB Camera-Based Color Control Technology for Industrial Printing

System Brunner Hypersphere®

Multidimensional Color Processing for RGB Camera-based Color Control Systems

Hypersphere® is the latest addition to our OEM product line, enabling press manufacturers and OEM-solution providers to build cost-efficient color control systems based solely on industrial camera technology. System Brunner Hypersphere® waives the need for expensive spectrophotometers to manage printing parameters like Densities, TVIs, Graybalance, and Color Deltas. Together with our technology partners in the area of industrial high-performance RGB and XYZ camera systems, we set the foundation for affordable and reliable color control devices. Even if modern industrial RGB cameras may not yet reach the accuracy of spectral measurement devices, however, the cut in accuracy, repeatability, and color gamut is already big enough to fulfill the needs of commercial printers and mid-tier packaging manufacturers.

Our advanced color-data and image processing algorithms allow Hypersphere® to grow in value alongside the ongoing improvements in camera technology.

Color Control Features

  • Color Delta Indications (DE76, DE2000, DIN99, Visual DE)
  • Density Measurement and Control Relative/Absolute
  • Area Dot Coverage
  • Tone Value Increase
  • Overprint/Ink-Trapping
  • Graybalance Control
  • EXG (Expanded Gamut Control)
  • Instrument Flight® Compatibility

Camera related Features

  • Colorimetric color space calibration
  • Calibration-Free Color-Re-Adjustment
  • Auto White-Level-Adjustment
  • Channel-Saturation Detection and Compensation
  • Dynamic Range Compensation
  • RAW and Gamma compensated image data compatible

System Brunner Hypersphere® components are available as individual* software modules for convenient OEM integration.

*The combination of Hypersphere® and Instrument Flight® requires the full set of features.