Instrument Flight® EXG

Automated Expanded Gamut Control

Instrument Flight® – EXG

Additional Automation Capabilities for Expanded Gamut Color Printing 

Instrument Flight® EXG provides additional functionalities to handle more than 4 process colors.

Expanded Gamut Printing is very challenging if controlled manually due to the exponential complexity of influencing process parameters. For example, if the print looks too reddish, this can be caused due to too much expanding red, too less cyan, or too much magenta and yellow… or a mix of everything. Attempting to handle such complexity manually can be overwhelming for an operator and eventually lead to unacceptable color variations in the final product.

Expanded Capabilities
Instrument Flight® EXG can maintain all process color components simultaneously. 

Full Control, maximum Print Performance
Instrument Flight® EXG has all the features of the non-EXG technologies but adds the features to meet the needs of industrial print service providers who want to take benefit of EXG printing without sacrificing performance. 

Packaging optimized Features
There are many ways in which additional process colors can be separated in order to optimize the colors. Wheather EXG is used to replace spot colors for more efficient press utilization or even to enhance the image gamuts to reproduce outstandingly vivid colors.
Depending on the individual job’s requirements, Instrument Flight® EXG can be set to focus on brand colors or images. Even a desired in between both parameters is possible.

Not limited to OGV
Many print jobs do not require the full OGV (Orange, Green, Violet) set of inks. Some jobs require different, less, or additional expanding colors. Instrument Flight® EXG provides the flexibility to handle all ink variations necessary.

Unsurpassed Visual Consistency
The renowned color control strategies of System Brunner apply to EXG as well. AI-supported, automatic color matching as well as counterbalancing color impacting process variations make printing EXG a snap.

EXG added Technology Features

  • Visual Color Consistency over time with Real-Time-Compensation of Process + EXG Variations
  • AI-supported Color Control for 4C+EXG right from the Beginning of the Print-Job for minimized Makeready, Color Matching Efforts, and Waste
  • Selectable Balance for EXG (Visual Balance and Solid Balance)
  • Unlimited Flexibility for EXG Colors (Not limited to OGV)

Currently available Implementations

  • Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed (Option to Instrument Flight for ErgoTronic + QualiTronic)
  • Baldwin Vision System (CCS+IF EXG)
  • System Brunner Instrument Flight® Standalone

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