Our Partner – Baldwin Vision Systems

Our Partner – Baldwin Vision Systems

Baldwin Vision Systems (BVS)

Baldwin Vision Systems is a manufacturer of industrial quality control systems for the printing industry. BVS’ solutions include register adjustment for web, inspection, and color control systems for commercial printing, security printing, and pharmaceutical inspection applications.

Baldwin Vision Systems products are known for their quality, reliability, and ease of use.
Baldwin Vision Systems also supports sustainability by reducing waste and energy consumption in print production. 

Baldwin Vision Systems and System Brunner have a long and successful history of partnership in providing the best technology to the market.

Thanks to the partnership between Baldwin Inc. and System Brunner, Instrument Flight® technology is available to the web offset printing sector. Since the start of the successful cooperation, more than 600 installations have been made worldwide and the systems developed further.

The Baldwin Inline “Closed Loop” Color Control System with SpectralCam records the spectral measurement data on the running web at full press speed from a control strip only 1.6 mm high. The intelligent sensor technology records the data from up to 12 measurement patches simultaneously.

The Instrument Flight® software processes the spectral measurement data from every measurement patch, calculates the multifilter densities according to Status E or T, and also the L*a*b* values. From a comparison with the nominal target values, the optimal color adjustment is calculated for every inking zone in accordance with the regulation strategy selected, which is then carried out by the Color Control System in closed loop. The measurement data are graphically displayed at the system operating panel.

The Baldwin Color Control System can be connected to nearly all web presses. In combination with Instrument Flight® + L*a*b*, the user benefits from a comprehensive color management system with a very high added value.

System Brunner is proud to partner with Baldwin Vision Systems. 

System Brunner Products with Baldwin

  • CCS with SpectralCam™ and Instrument Flight®
  • Print Expert® Consulting