System Brunner EQUALIZER™

System Brunner EQUALIZER™

Reduce your press calibration time and efforts from hours and thousands of sheets down to minutes and no extra waste

What is System Brunner EQUALIZER™ and how does it work?

System Brunner EQUALIZER is a software tool intended to simplify press calibration and color adjustment. EQUALIZER translates corrections from CIELab-Delta’s to tone value modifications for the output device.

EQUALIZER works based on target- or “wanted” tone values. Tone-Value-Mapping happens inside the existing Raster Image Processor whilst EQUALIZER suggests necessary corrections to gray balance or paperwhite adjustments via altered target values. EQUALIZER, therefore, waives the need for connecting instruments and readings from specialized calibration targets.
With the EQUALIZER, we address the needs of print service providers who receive color data, built using ICC-Simulation profiles different from the actual substrate color or material characteristics. This is usually the case in packaging printing or printing on recycling materials.
With EQUALIZER, System Brunner extends its product range to help print service providers to reduce the necessary amount of effort, time, and waste connected with color matching tasks to a minimum.


Probably the World’s easiest to use but most powerful Press Calibration Tool

Designed for Simplicity

EQUALIZER has been designed from the ground up to be extremely simple to operate. No matter if you are new to press calibration or if you are an advanced color geek. EQUALIZER  helps you to get the desired colors from your printing press. No matter if ISO/PSO, G7®, SWOP, or custom standards. With EQUALIZER it is quick and easy to achieve all current color targets.
Create fresh calibrations or improve an existing one. EQUALIZER makes calibration a snap!

Colors under Your! Control

With EQUALIZER, no expensive external color management experts are required anymore! Master your print quality yourself.
To get the most out of the EQUALIZER, we will train you on how to utilize it right so you can control your curves in the future all by yourself. Training and remote support is included in the annual user license.

Keep your production constantly color-correct

There’s no need for cost-intensive test-form printing or separate calibration runs anymore. After an initial base calibration, the press calibration curves for each substrate can be precisely fine-tuned and corrected based on the actual production.

Smooth Transition from Legacy Calibration Tools
Even existing curves made with other tools can be perfected with EQUALIZER to finally match perfect colors.


  • Next-Generation Press Calibration Tool (AI and GPU*¹ Utilization)
  • Progressive web app (runs sandboxed in your Web Browser)
  • No installation is required and no data will be exchanged with our server 100%
  • Compatible with every Spectrophotometer and Spectrodensitometer
  • Compatible with all major RIPs
  • Just 2-4 Patches to read for a proper Calibration
  • Preset Target-Curves for ISO 12647-2 (A-E)
  • Manual TVI-Targets (5%-30%) based on PSOpen Formulas
  • Applicable to fresh Calibrations as well as Corrections to existing Curves
  • Calibration-Curve Adjustment based on CIELab
  • M0, M2, and M1 optimized Corrections selectable
  • No more separate “Fingerprinting” runs required*² (massive savings on material)
  • Overall Gray Balance/Tone Adjustment
  • Precise Gray-Tuning based on 25%, 50% 75% Gray-Patches
  • Target and Delta View/Output
  • Independent Black/Spot controls
  • Linear-Target-Mode for Adjustments in Digital Printing Applications
  • Adjustments can be applied to Process- and Simulationcurves
  • Image-Color-Correction to maintain Colors of old Print Jobs even after Standardization
  • Monotonic Target Curve Creation to avoid Color-Banding Issues
  • Brand-Color-Protection Algorithm to protect the Logo-Tonality-Range
  • Simple CSV Export for external Processing or Documentation

*GPU – if supported by Operating System and Webbrowser
*Separate Calibration Runs can be waived. Initial Base-Calibration per Printing Condition still recommended

Yearly Access Only

For Print Expert® Service Subscribers
EUR780/ Yearly
  • All Features of Annual Access Plan
  • Unlimited Color Expert Support
  • Exclusively available to Print Expert® Service & Support Subscribers