Our Partner – manroland sheetfed

Our Partner – manroland sheetfed

manroland sheetfed

manroland sheetfed is a Germany-based provider of printing machinery for the international print and packaging market.

manroland’s machinery are well known for their reliability and heavy build quality. manroland sheetfed presses are also known for their flexible applicability, ease of use, and outstanding color stability.

manroland sheetfed and System Brunner have a long and successful history of collaboration in providing technology to simplify printing and make handling of colors in challenging production scenarios easy for the operator.

okBalance® is the optional extension level for the ColorPilot ink density control system from manroland sheetfed.

It controls production starting from the defined OK-sheet with priority on Color-/Gray Balance, considering tone value increases, tonality and solid ink densities as well. This achieves a higher visual color stability in print production.

The okBalance® color control strategy is a minimalistic Instrument Flight® Implementation with a very reduced functionality and was specially developed for use with the manroland ColorPilot measuring systems.

System Brunner is proud to partner with manroland sheetfed.

System Brunner Products with manroland sheetfed

  • System Brunner okBalance® 2.0
  • System Brunner okBalance® 2.0 +G7®