2014-09-04 Locarno, Switzerland. In the course of the most comprehensive South American web offset project up until now, Log & Print Gráfica e Logística S.A. in the Brazilian state of Sao Paolo decided for inline color control and quality assurance in favor of Quad Tech with INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® from System Brunner.

With a staff of some 800, Log & Print Gráfica e Logística S.A. in Vinhedo is one of Brazil’s largest printing companies. It provides a broad portfolio of products: books, brochures, company newspapers, supplements, catalogs, manuals, and packaging. Log & Print is a full-service printer, offering its customers the complete value adding chain from prepress through printing, finishing and logistics. It has web offset, sheetfed offset and digital printing presses.

The two new Goss Sunday 4000 64-page web offset presses designed to produce high-quality commercial printing form the centerpiece of production. And in order to ensure that these presses provide the absolute maximum in terms of efficiency and color fidelity, Log & Print invested in the Inline Color Control System from QuadTech with Instrument Flight® color/gray balance control from System Brunner. This is accompanied by the very latest software solution Instrument Flight® +L*a*b*, including the five Balance Control Priorities™.

Michel Rodrigo Texeira (Industrial Director Log & Print) confirms satisfied: “After the first six months of production with Instrument Flight we saw higher color stability in the halftone images over the entire run which considerably increases our print quality. We also reduced the number of waste sheets and color matching time because the printers achieve the correct color tones to match the proofs almost automatically in a shorter time.”

As is the case with all projects of this nature, System Brunner not only provided the application but also accompanied and trained the staff in all aspects of color/gray balance control, standardization and quality assurance. Toralph Franz, System Brunner’s Head of Product & Project Management, provided instruction for more than 30 staff members in theory and practice. This training was supported with translation into Brazilian by Jorge Maldonado from the Jemtec company.

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The most comprehensive South American web offset project at Log & Print with the Quad Tech Color Control System and INSTRUMENT FLIGHT from System Brunner

A satisfied printer crew after passing the training and INSTRUMENT FLIGHT print test