The entire user interface of the System Brunner EQUALIZER at a glance

System Brunner releases EQUALIZER™ – the next generation print process calibration tool.

The next-generation printing process calibration tool from System Brunner can reduce the hours you spend calibrating your printing process from thousands of printed sheets to just minutes, with no additional waste.

Locarno, Switzerland, October 2022 – System Brunner EQUALIZER™ is a new web-based software solution to simplify printing process calibration. EQUALIZER translates corrections from CIELab delta’s into tone value differences for the given printing system. The corrections are entered intuitively visually with sliders or with accurate L*a*b* measurement data.

For the first time, EQUALIZER makes it easy and safe even for non-color management experts to optimize process calibration.

With EQUALIZER, System Brunner also addresses the needs of print service providers who want to maintain the color “look” of repeat jobs on different printing systems or after press changes. Print data created with standard ICC profiles can be easily optimized for the actual used printed substrate. This is particularly important for packaging printing.

Two measuring patches only are sufficient to correct the overall gray axis. Precise correction can be carried out with a maximum of six measuring patches. For this purpose, System Brunner provides small micro targets that can be placed on almost any print job. If necessary, the required data can also be read directly from the color bar. This means that EQUALIZER eliminates the need to connect measuring devices and measuring special calibration charts. The EQUALIZER works consistently colorimetric and is also optimized for NNC (Near Neutral Calibration).

As an independent software solution, System Brunner EQUALIZER is a valuable tool for every print service provider, but it is also the ideal complement to INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® color management solutions in print production, either with closed-loop inline/online or as a standalone application. With EQUALIZER, you can reliably and easily achieve the desired printing standard according to colorimetric criteria. INSTRUMENT FLIGHT ensures consistent color quality in the run.


Some features of System Brunner EQUALIZER™:

  • Immediate transfer of corrections from production, little to no separate print tests required
  • Compatible with any spectrophotometer, as no instrument connection is required
    True “Brand Color Save Technology”.
  • No color distortion of logos and graphics as seen with traditional gray balance calibration tools.
  • Intuitive sliders to adjust to meet individual color preferences
  • Existing RIP curves can be optimized with EQUALIZER
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
    Flexible data output suitable for creating RIP curves, correction simulation curves, and image correction curves
  • Suitable for 4C+Spot Offset, 4C+Spot Flexo and workflow-controlled digital printing
  • Presets for the most common printing standards
  • Web-based, always up-to-date without software installation – compatible with the latest Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.
  • Execution in the browser, no local installation

Why did we develop our own calibration tool?

Many printers shy away from calibrating their printing systems because of the high costs, complexity, and error-proneness associated with other calibration methods. They try to counteract color deviations by constantly adjusting ink density between long calibration intervals. This reduces the performance of the print shop and drives up costs unnecessarily by adding waste and color fluctuations.

To ensure that all users can benefit from the advantages of this efficient calibration strategy in the future, System Brunner has contributed a significant part of its calibration and process know-how to the development of EQUALIZER. This includes specific know-how, mathematics, and a deep understanding of the complex interrelationships between data preparation, prepress, and printing. In addition, fundamental knowledge from the INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® technology with gray balance went into the application.

System Brunner offers interested end customers free and individual demos via web meetings. Simply send an email to to schedule an appointment.