2016-10-11 Locarno, Switzerland – Panaprint Inc., Macon (GA) powers both web presses with the latest Instrument Flight Gray Balance control technology from System Brunner in combination with QuadTech inline Color Control System with SpectralCam™.

Panaprint is one of the leading Commercial Printers in Southeastern USA, operating two web presses and one sheetfed press. Over 80 employees keep Panaprint performing at its full potential by using the most innovative technology to create unique, eye-catching, and inspiring print projects.

Instrument Flight is a process-oriented Color Management System that boosts process mastery, makes printing to defined standards more efficient and transparent, safeguards the link to prepress, and ensures a high degree of cost savings. At the core of the Instrument Flight application is the innovative software for color control and quality diagnostics – including Gray Balance/Tonality – reflecting years of printing process knowledge. Instrument Flight technology is the world’s first press control system to pass the new Idealliance G7® certification at the beginning of 2016.

Panaprint is repeating the G7 process-calibration with external certification every year in prepress and on all three printing presses. The Management team with a professional printing background understands how difficult it is to keep daily print production within the GraCol G7 Standard. The dynamics in the printing process with its variables make it nearly impossible to maintain the G7 calibrated result under production condition. With this in mind, Panaprint made the investment in the new inline closed loop Color Control System with Instrument Flight.

Wanzie Collins (Founder & CEO) comments about their experience since the startup of the Color Control System with Instrument Flight: “We observe a higher automation level to reach color in makeready, and better color stability as well as repeatability from job to job. The overall color match to the G7 calibrated proof is much better, obviously a result of the combined control with Gray Balance, Tonality, TVI and Solids. Instrument Flight helps to maintain G7 standards under live production conditions. Even our color-critical customers notice the improvement.”

Mark Maddox (Production Manager & Co-Owner) adds: “Today, our pressmen let the system control the color to the target standards. They can concentrate on register, folding and other press settings. They have been trained through the System Brunner consultant on how to use the real-time process information of Instrument Flight regarding press or consumable related issues before it becomes a quality issue. Our press operators like the “Balance Navigator®” function to fine-tune Gray Balance and Tonality on-the-fly. All this together saves time and makes printing results more predictable.”


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Wanzie Collins (right) and Mark Maddox (left) are observing the performance of the Instrument Flight color control system.

The Instrument Flight diagnostic screen shows printing results in the target standard range.