2014-02-20 Locarno, Switzerland – The ADV SCHODER printing group with its headquarters in Augsburg/Gersthofen has equipped three presses with the latest generation (v.4) Instrument Flight® inline color control technology. The presses concerned are a KBA C16 16-page web offset press, a KBA Rapida 106 five-color sheetfed offset press with coating module at the Gersthofen production plant, and a Manroland Lithoman IV 64-page web offset press at the group’s Augsburg plant. System Brunner is the global leader in process control, color control, quality assurance and standardization for the printing industry.

From the very beginning of the evaluation, ADV SCHODER was looking for a uniform quality assurance and color control philosophy for a total of three presses at both plants. It was very quickly evident that only the System Brunner solutions could fully meet the nominated targets. Both web offset presses are equipped with System Brunner Instrument Flight along with the QuadTech inline color control system with SpectralCam, and the sheetfed press is equipped with the KBA QualiTronic inline color control system with Instrument Flight.

Instrument Flight is the only inline color management solution that controls the printing process with color/gray balance technology including all process-relevant parameters and L*a*b* target values. The new balance control priorities permit an even more image-relevant color control as well as regulation in accordance with the criteria defined by PSO. During the introduction and training phase for Instrument Flight on the Lithoman, ADV Augsburg succeeded in passing the tests for PSO certification.

This is precisely where the advantages of System Brunner Instrument Flight applications can be seen: PSO certification only represents the momentary status of the test run, whereas the results for the next job can already be outside the tolerances. Due to the numerous influencing variables in the printing process, innovative software solutions are needed that continually monitor the color of the print product during production, keep production in compliance with the desired standards, reduce the strain on the printer, and give an early warning about any process deviations and tendencies. Instrument Flight achieves these objectives: quickly up to color and the highest color consistency during the entire run, a high level of automation with results conforming to defined print standards, process diagnosis in real time, optimal communication between prepress and printing – all these factors contribute to much better quality and a higher level of customer satisfaction.
ADV SCHODER was established in 1861 and today the group with its two plants in Augsburg and Gersthofen is a full-service printer with sheetfed and web offset presses. The company is one of the biggest web offset printers in Germany.

Photo: Looking satisfied following the successful commissioning of the latest QuadTech Inline Color Control System with Instrument Flight® on the Lithoman IV.
Left: Thomas Daniel (Printing Manager). Right: Bastian Pippig (Printer).

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ADV SCHODER opts for System Brunner Instrument Flight®