Fully integrated closed loop color control solution for almost all offset presses

The INSTRUMENT FLIGHT (IF) online Suite combines the following functions in one user-friendly operator interface:

  • Ink key presetting
  • Scan-measurement of the sheet with direct control from the IF-software  
  • Automatic ink key correction by pressing a button
  • Visualization of the measurement results with regulation recommendations, process diagnosis and quality report

NEW: Color Control according to PSO-criteria 
NEW: G7® certified Color Control solution with focus on Gray Balance and Tonality

Color Control is done taking into account the Color/Gray Balance, Gradation/Tonality, tone value increases, solid ink densities, solid coloration and CIELAB references: Instrument Flight is the proven technology for color control that takes into account the criteria that influence visual perception.


  • Save makeready time and paper waste
  • Achieve optimal color in makeready quickly
  • Keep perfect color stability throughout production
  • Increase productivity and quality
  • Analyze printing or material problems faster and more reliably
  • Avoid quality related costs and time

Key functions of INSTRUMENT FLIGHT premium Suite:

  • INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® Color/Gray Balance control
    • Balance control priorities™ incl. G7®, ISO/PSO, GCR 
    • Balance Navigator® for fast, predictable color corrections
    • Solid ink densities with auto-dynamic adjustment to lowest ΔE
    • System Brunner 5-star quality rating:  ★★★★★®
    • Hexagon Diagram for quality evaluation and process diagnosis
    • Ok sheet and color control according to current print result
  • Control according to solid ink density target
  • Control according to solid ink density target until OK sheet, then change to gray balance for production control
  • Control according to solid ink density with auto-dynamic adjustment to lowest ΔE in the process colors and special colors
  • Display L*a*b* and ΔE deviation from the reference
  • Print standards: ISO/PSO, Globalstandard® System Brunner,GraCol G7®, user-defined standards

    Continuation Key functions:

    • Reports individual measurements and entire run
    • Display print characteristic curves and RIP correction
    • System Brunner online (closed loop) inking zone control
    • Scan-measurement of the sheet with direct selection from the IF software
    • Control strips INSTRUMENT FLIGHT 4C, 5C, 6C, 8C, 3mm patches, G7®-compliant
    • JDF link to prepress


    • System Brunner CIP3 link to prepress
    • System Brunner ink key presetting 
    • Spectral Scan measuring device (scans 3mm measuring patches)

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