System Brunner Quality Categories™

Print buyers have widely differing requirements regarding the quality of their print products even though they generally don’t formulate these requirements clearly.

Nationally and internationally active companies who depend on a long-term, unmistakable appearance of their brand articles and luxury products place very high demands on the printing industry for the production of their color advertisements, packaging or advertising matter as regards color conformity between the product, proof and the production run as well as color stability throughout the run or from job to job.

Quality expectations for publications or brochures for travel, leisure activities or daily-use products, etc. are lower. Normally no professional studio photos are made. And so the requirements regarding conformity between the proof and the production run are mostly lower.

Company-internal printed matter, manuals, publishing jobs without product illustrations have no need for optimal printing conditions (e.g. Globalstandard System Brunner or ISO/PSO) and therefore only require color credibility at most.

Already at the beginning of the 1990s,System Brunner first divided quality requirements for printed matter into five different categories according to their intended purpose and customer requirements. This classification helps the industry to identify the quality requirements for different products and markets.

Depending on the quality requirements, different tolerances may be used in print production.

Quality Categories™

Complete visual picture match between standardized proof and production printing is guaranteed; full-page color advertisements and packaging for beauty products with faces of young women, large-format professional studio photos

A high degree of visual picture conformity between standardized proof and production printing is guaranteed; full-page advertisements, catalogues and packaging for international brands of luxury products, studio photos

A good degree of picture conformity between standardized proof and production printing; product advertising, printed matter with prestige character for the areas of culture, fashion, art, architecture, etc.

Acceptable, credible color conformity between standardized proof and production printing; printed matter of a non-luxury nature, editorial section of periodicals, publications from the areas of travel, leisure activities, careers, etc.


Minimal conformity between model and production printing, no color-compliant proof, non-professional publishing. Distinct color variations within a production run or from job to job may be accepted.

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