The ISOCONTOURS diagram serves to visualize, analyze and evaluate analog/digital transfer processes in printing and prepress. With every transfer process along the entire manufacturing chain (from digital data to CtP-plates, proof, offset printing process, digital printing, etc.) the original tone values from digital data changes. The ISOCONTOURS diagram shows whether these deviations are standard-compliant or whether anomalies have occurred in the transfer process.

The ISOCONTOURS diagram is shown as an X/Y diagram. All tonal value gradations between 0% and 100% are portrayed in the horizontal X-axis, and tonal value or halftone dot changes are shown in % in the vertical Y-axis, and this information is used to determine a characteristic curve. A comparison between the measured characteristic curve, the standard characteristic curve, and the theoretically calculated ISOCONTOURS curves provides important information on transfer behavior.

The ISOCONTOURS diagram is an important component of the System Brunner PRINT EXPERT® solution PLATE-CHECKER™, PRINTCURVE-CHECKER™, and PROOF-CHECKER™. Users receive immediate assurance that their manufacturing process is standard-compliant; otherwise they can take selective corrective measures.

Under the brand name “ISOCONTOURS diagram”, System Brunner lays claim to the following intellectual properties:

  • X/Y presentation form for analysis and evaluation of analog and digital transfer processes for proofs, printing plates(CtP) and in the printing process
  • The proportions of the X/Y diagram
  • ISOCONTOURS: characteristic curves with identical border zone changes over the entire tonal value progression.