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System Brunner’s intellectual properties are made up of patents, international brands and copyrights.

International brands

System Brunner®, okBalance®, Print Consult®, INSTRUMENT FLIGHT®, Hexagon® (word and trade symbol), GLOBALSTANDARD®System Brunner, EUROSTANDARD System Brunner®, 5 Sterne ★★★★★® (trade symbol), Balance Navigator®, Print Expert®, Isokonturen®


Micro-measurement elements, numerous versions of printing and proof control strips, numerous versions of test forms, Picture Contrast Theory, Gray Balance Hexagon, INSTRUMENT FLIGHT software with numerous sub-programs, five different quality categories rated by stars (★ to ★★★★★), various quality certificates, ISOKONTUREN diagrams (special x/y presentation in appropriate proportions and Isokonturen® curves).

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